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"I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger." - W.W.

Sarah and I taking a nap in the international district of Seattle

Anonymous said: What, a booty pic for the random anon but no tongue pic for the loyal fan? :(

Hahaha I already had it saved on my phone, I don’t have any tongue pics lol


I mean since it’s national booty day~

Fancy tush on a fancy lady 🌚❤️

bassandbouty said: Hi you're cool I've had a few blogs over the years and I always make sure to follow you everytime You're an amazing artist and you seem pretty legit

Awwww thank you :’333

aiheitmds said: My friends say we're twins but your butt is nicer than mine

I have no idea when it was but you recently posted a picture and I remember thinking “damn we literally have the exact same body” lol.
And hush because I bet your booty is phenomenal ❤️